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Take off the political hat

Postby Jon Estes » Fri Nov 02, 2018 2:45 am

The debate on what should be done with the immigrants who are coming here to enter the US illegally is not going to end on this forum. We can debate all we want and will still disagree as we do now.


Regardless of which position taken on this migrant group heading towards the USA and our passionate debate on what is our opinion vs what is the other guy's opinion...

What are we really doing about it? If we say such should be done as Christians... Are we being the Christians we say we ought to be? Is it enough to support welcoming the stranger, when that stranger probably will never be in our community? Is it enough to say love them like Christ when we won't even go to them to tell them we love them?

Are the debates really pointless at the end of the day especially where all we do is pat ourselves on the back believing we got the last word in or the best point made when we really never did anything to be like Christ to those coming?

Ok... got it out... NOW... back to the debate.
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