Tex Bap committed's David Currie for Beto,debates Tea Party

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Tex Bap committed's David Currie for Beto,debates Tea Party

Postby Stephen Fox » Fri Oct 19, 2018 9:09 pm

David Currie who was Mr. Baugh's right hand man nationally to keep Stage SBC conventions out of fundy control is now chair of the San Angelo Texas Dem Party. He stepped down from TBC several years ago. Currie came to Collinsville Baptist in 2002 at my coordination to warn the small church about fundy designs on state conventions.

Wednesday night after the Cruz/Beto Orourke debate Currie was on the local Fox channel for thirty minutes in a civil conversation with a woman chair of the local tea party.

Currie was great and I told him so today on facebook. Lowkey he cooked her goose on some matters dear to authentic Baptists opposing Cruz perverted views of church state separation.

Ted Cruz and Ed Young are tight, and most of yall remember Pressler's endorsement of Cruz for President in16

The audio quality is very poor but you should be able to google for San Andelo Fox News KDIY or something close to that.

I have asked David for somebody to gin up a transcript and I hope he does it soon
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