The Johnson Amendment--Another Trump Lie

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The Johnson Amendment--Another Trump Lie

Postby Haruo » Tue Aug 28, 2018 6:36 pm

The President asserts that he overturned the Johnson Amendment, but he clearly hasn't. He has issued an order to the Treasury Department not to be overzealous in enforcing it, but the wording of the order leaves the basic sense of the amendment intact. Do you think the "religious leaders" he made this false assertion to behind closed doors actually believe he did it, or did he just say it for his own ears? NBC News story
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Re: The Johnson Amendment--Another Trump Lie

Postby Sandy » Wed Aug 29, 2018 11:01 am

Lying does not appear to be on the spectrum of sin from the perspective of the Evangelical "leaders" at that gathering. And what does it say when you have to make remarks behind closed doors to a group of so-called "Evangelical leaders"? What are you going to say that has to be in secret? He also demonstrated remarkable contempt for the intelligence of those to whom he was speaking, as if they were gullible and stupid enough to believe a word that came out of his mouth. If they buy this load of bull, then it's their own fault.

He must be pretty desperate, to make those kinds of outlandish statements about violence from the left, and the influence of Antifa. That's a fragment of a fraction of a percentage of the "left," if they can even be associated that way, certainly much less of an influence on the Democrats than the alt-right, white supremacist, KKK is on the GOP. And if the GOP loses control of the house, it wouldn't be the left that would erupt in violence. If they lose, I fully expect elements of the extremist right wing among his supporters to engage in violence. He's encouraged it, and they have adopted his attitude that rule of law is meaningless.

I heard some right wing media nut job make the statement that the only thing the Democrats appear to have in this mid-term is anti-trumpism. Maybe so. But anti-trumpism has won a string of special elections for the Democrats, and has help candidates gain a consistent 15% in vote totals over the 2016 elections, as well as boosting turnout. The Democratic primaries are setting turnout records, the DNC is raising record amounts of money, and Democrats are competitive in red states where they haven't been in a while. The GOP talks about this as being a bad thing, but their obstructionism and anti-Obama attitude was all they had. Anti-trumpism is pro-Americanism. We have to vote this guys supporters out and neutralize him, or impeach and remove him or we won't have a country left.
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