Mueller Indictments

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Re: Mueller Indictments

Postby William Thornton » Sun Feb 25, 2018 3:44 pm

More simply put: nothing in these indictments relate to the trump campaign.

Maybe later...
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Re: Mueller Indictments

Postby Dave Roberts » Sun Feb 25, 2018 4:40 pm

Whatever is going on, Mueller plays his hand close to the vest.
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Re: Mueller Indictments

Postby Sandy » Sun Feb 25, 2018 7:55 pm

Dave Roberts wrote:Whatever is going on, Mueller plays his hand close to the vest.

Yes, he does, wisely so. What we are reading and seeing in the media, whether its the conservatively biased media, or the mainstream, is speculation about what evidence is being gathered based on the specific charges in the indictments, and on who is being indicted. Most of these indictments are based on evidence of crimes that have been committed by the individuals indicted in order to get leverage for testimony that does lead to collusion. The plea deals, four of them now, and who made them, and the comtinued list of subpoenas, give those who are hoping for impeachment high hope that Mueller is now in the process of corroborating evidence, and is either close to getting what he needs, or already has it and is doubling his confirmation.

I was a high school kid when Watergate happened, and what I remember were teachers who assigned news clipping analyses and reports about it as "current events." More than anything, it was an annoyance when a favorite television program was interrupted for updates and breaking news. But I do remember thinking, that if you were a politician and you were going to have a conversation about wiretapping the other party's Washington offices, why would you record it, and then make yourself look guilty by having your secretary erase a portion of the tape? Why not just turn off the recorder? Same questions here. If there was speculation that Russia was attempting to mess with the electoral process, why would you make an American whose dealings with a corrupt, pro-Putin, anti-American Ukrainian warranted the huge risk of failing to register the foreign contacts as your campaign manager, and hire his aide, who did all of the under-the-table, illegal deals with the Russians, as your aide? And why would you make the guy who helped you hide all of this, and facilitated the contacts, and made the arrangements for the illegal bank transactions and cover ups as your National Security Advisor? The spectre of Richard Nixon seems to be hanging around.
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