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Re: Congress should pass a law to examine...

Postby Tim Bonney » Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:17 pm

While I’m posting about Trump’s sh*thole comment, the Bishops of the United Methodist Church have posted a very strongly worded condemnation of the President’s attitude towards Africans and others. A quite high percentage of members and churches in the UMC are in Africa.

My last congregation had several families who were active in the church from Nigeria where the UMC has a seminary. A good friend of mine who has made a lot of trips itinerating to the US on behalf of Nigerian United Methodists is the Provost of that seminary. The Iowa Annual Conference has had a partnership with Nigerian United Methodists for 25 years and most Iowa Methodists know someone from Nigeria. Nigeria is a politically troubled country. It is a country with a lot of poverty. But all the people I know from that country are good, kind and hard working people. And, there are tens of thousands of Christians in Nigeria.

One of my Nigerian friends from Sioux City was deeply hurt by Trump’s remarks. He was told by others that Trump is a Christian. He is disheartened that someone calling himself a Christian could say such horrible things about his country and neighboring countries in Africa. He is looking for explanations from his UMC friends as to what it means to be a Christian in the US when a person claiming Christ can act in such a way.

Make no mistake, damage is being done to the reputation of the USA also the reputation of US Christians who have made Trump out to be a “baby Christian” and continue to throw their support behind this man. Our sisters and brothers in other nations cannot understand how Christians here support him. Jeffries at FBC Dallas could probably power the church with the energy produced by Rev. Truett spinning in his grave.

All I could say to my friend is that I am his brother in Christ and that the views of our President do not represent me our my Church. I couldn’t answer the question about how a man claiming Christ could make such statements.
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