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PostPosted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 8:44 pm
by KeithE
While we have the Las Vegas mass murder, 3 serious hurricanes, disputes in the executive branch, >3000 facebook/twitter posts from Russian sources (most against Hillary) targeted at close states (Wisc and Mich so far), and more previously undisclosed Russian contacts with Trump campaign (collusion TBD) dominating the news, we have Congress doing the following by commission and ommision.

Please read the following links and I’d like to hear from BLfers. Give the details in the articles, do some analysis, or just give your impressions/feelings. I'll reply at a later time (probably this weekend).

Sanders, Democrats Rip GOP Plan to 'Erode' Safety Net With $5 Trillion in Cuts

9 Million Children Lose Health Insurance last Saturday as GOP Lets CHIP Expire

Earned Income Tax Credit to Expire in 2018 affecting 16 Million Working Families with Low Income and Trump/GOP are treating the EITC as a loophole to be eliminated.

All the while taxes to be paid by rich people and corporations are proposed to be drastically cut.