Charter Schools revisited. Netflix in their corner

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Charter Schools revisited. Netflix in their corner

Postby Stephen Fox » Tue Aug 08, 2017 6:42 pm

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Re: Charter Schools revisited. Netflix in their corner

Postby Sandy » Wed Aug 09, 2017 4:49 pm

DeVos' emphasis is on establishing for-profit charter schools. Charter schools are mission driven, so they aim at meeting the educational needs of a specific segment of students, or at accomplishing a specific purpose. I worked in one in Texas for a while that was aimed primarily at high school dropouts who, because of some specific issue, were not eligible to re-enroll in a traditional, public school, such as having been adjudicated for a felony, or having too many dependent children, or lack of school records from the foreign country from which they emigrated, or being more than 18 years old and still not having completed 9th grade. Charter schools are much less expensive to operate for any number of reasons, from not requiring top-heavy administration to streamlining things like extra-curricular activities, and in the case of the one I worked in, by working with students to recover credit from previous coursework. DeVos wants to create a profit margin between the lower cost per student, and the higher tax revenue per student that public schools get in most states, so that the schools are actually private, but creating revenue for someone to pocket.

The results with charter schools across the country have been equivocal at best, and the for-profit experience of DeVos in Detroit did not produce the desired results, nor achieve measureable success. There is a principle there, though, that does work to create improvement. If you're a public school, and you're losing money because the tax dollars you get are leaving the district with the students seeking educational alternatives, you can improve the safety and the quality of the education on your campus and get your kids back.. Right?
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