Corporate Malfeasance

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Corporate Malfeasance

Postby KeithE » Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:34 am

I used to believe that corporations mainly tried to to make money honestly. Around twelve years ago, through my sons’ input, I started to think some multinational corporations were doing nasty stuff to make money and hiding profits overseas. But this book (Corporate Conspiracies) has made clear that many large corporations have badly hurt Americans (our health, our wealth, our environment, our knowledge). I still believe most corporations, especially small businesses, are honest doing their best within ethical and legal norms. But serious corporate malfeasance exists and corporate leaders may even feel “sanctioned” by the notion of “free marketeerism” which is so “free" in fact that many corporations are above accountability. And that is likely to get worse through Trump’s insistence on more deregulation - which just may be one of his chief motivations in becoming President.

I wish the book’s title would have been "Corporate Malfeasance” instead of "Corporate Conspiracies” due to the bad name that word “conspiracy” has with many of you (and most Americans). But that should not hide the facts behind this book. Don’t let the title discount this book. 4.9 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon.

Here is my review on Amazon:

Belzer/Wayne take on in order - Politicians, Wall Street/Bankers, the Media, the Military-Industrial Complex, the Prison-Industrial Complex, Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural/Food, and Big Oil/Coal/Natural Gas. He finds corporations working for their profit (often excessive), taking advantage of people, flaunting laws, using lobbyists. Even one short section on 9/11 (in the media chapter). The American system (laisse-faire capitalism) sanctions such corporate behavior and that is a shame since the harm to people and/or the environment plays third fiddle to corporate profits.

All of this may seem fantastic and perhaps exaggerated. But I checked out his footnotes/websites and when the references were found, there was credible back-up, often multiple sources. However, several websites were “inactive” and I would suggest an errata/update sheet.

His language is rough at times.

This should be a wake-up call to much that is wrong with America today. The economic playing table has been tilted to big businesses and the rich increasingly for 4-5 decades now. I put links to plots to prove these points, but Amazon will only allow links to their own urls.

Recommend the book highly especially if you are one who trusts big business.

You’ve seen the plots before (that Amazon would not allow to be linked) that back up my consistent claim that the economic table has been increasingly tilted towards corporate profits, the top decile (10%) and CEO’s. But here they are again (to assuage my back-up-my-points instincts):




This economic harm to the American bottom 90% (i.e.. most of Americans) is not the only outrage that this book brings out. If you are at all open to such facts, get and read this book. Then demand more accountability of corporations (and government as well).
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