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Re: Trump Approval Rating

Postby Sandy » Wed Jun 14, 2017 7:13 pm

What facts? Jon's alternative facts, or the real ones?

The polls were impeccably accurate. They predicted a Hillary popular vote win by almost the exact percentage that she won by. The top polls, including NBC news, bTW, had every state well within the margin of error. Only Fox News and Rassmussen missed the calls. The difference between a Trump win and a HIllary win was less than a quarter of a percent of the vote in three states, essentially a margin of 50,000 out of 12 million. No poll would have ever been that accurate. The conservative polls were the laughing stocks.

The evidence is out there, clearly enough for the special counsel to place Trump under direct investigation today. His tweets are proof that there is plenty of evidence, but clearly, there is enough to warrant a full investigation. You keep saying it isn't there, but you are clearly wrong. Trump and his campaign insisted there was "clear evidence" in the Clinton email investigation, because why would the FBI investigate if there wasn't? Can't deny that, he's on record, though most of his core supporters don't pay any attention to his inconsistency, or his total contempt for their intelligence. Aside from the fact that there is indeed some political satisfaction in seeing Republicans squirm, and to enjoy the difficulty they are having with all of their words about the FBI and its investigation of Hillary Clinton. There probably isn't a Republican in Congress now who publicly stated something on a news program about that investigation who doesn't wish they'd just kept quiet back then. Oh, how the tables have turned! And as far as the Nixon comparisons go, well, Nixon was a good guy compared to the Donald. As James Clapper said, this is far worse than Watergate. The political consequences of a failure of the GOP to bring appropriate charges when the investigation concludes will be monumental, if they already aren't going to be.

Any conservative who gripes and whines about all of this is a hypocrite, given all of the screeching, finger pointing and holy horror that the Republicans spewed out over the Clinton email investigation. They insisted that there had to be evidence, or there wouldn't have been an investigation. They squawked like plucked chickens over the airport meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton, and made accusations about the justice department that they were sure wouldn't take action even if the investigation did conclude otherwise, in spite of assurances that would not be the case. Peddling "alternative facts" just underlines the hypocrisy.
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