Public Sentiment and Obama/Congressional Inaction

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Re: Public Sentiment and Obama/Congressional Inaction

Postby KeithE » Wed Aug 13, 2014 1:28 pm

Great illustration Sandy.

There is no reason that the rewards of productivity cannot be made more equal as I have been saying for ten years now on BL while the inequality continues to grow. Your Weirton steel mill example shows that all can share in the rewards. We as a country simply must bring the red (represents execs overpaying themselves) and blue lines (represents low/middle class wages) much closer together.


This can be accomplished through corporate self-control, public airing of wage distributions, public boycotts of the products of the worse offenders, governmental barring federal contracts to the worst offenders, and other government oversight (like prosecute corporate tax cheats, eliminate loopholes).

Some say corporations should be "free" to do as they will (perhaps even should be free to lobby government selfishly). Freedom is not license.

William, for one, also auto-distrusts "gummint".
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