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Just and Sustainable Economy

Postby KeithE » Sat May 03, 2014 6:14 pm

This Battle for the Capitol slipped by without much mention by the corporate controlled media. There were hundreds of thousands at May Day marches around the world protesting against austerity, official corruption, calling for higher pay and the greater protection of workers’ rights. Again next to zero mention by the mainstream press (only progressive places like Common Dreams and The Real News Network). I wonder why?? One answer is they take no money from corporations while traditional mainstream media thrives on corporate advertisement money.

The civil rights movement and the Watergate episode got prolonged media attention when the media was eager to bring issues to the public and they stuck with it until resolution. That is not happening any more on economic issues since the corporations are hoarding cash and their decision makers are making $10M+ in annual compensation. Often there is no mention of such populist events but if they mention the protests once, they soon shut up about them and the outrages live on. Instead we get extended coverage of OJ Trials, ...Bill Clinton’s sex episodes ... Malaysian plane mysteries. The Media controls the national discussion.

This book: Capital in the Twenty First Century by Thomas Piketty is the Number 1 best seller on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble for weeks now. They are sold out and I have yet to receive word when my order will be fulfilled. Reportably, it documents the details (DATA!) of the declining piece of the American Pie (and much of Europe as well - he is French) for the middle class and low class since 1980 (Reagan, Thatcher and the neoliberal frameworks they established). In addition, Pekitty shows that the tilt of the economic board toward the ultra rich is inevitable in a purely unregulated capitalistic system that the neoliberals evoked. He advocates a strong tax on wealth and a very strong tax on inheritances.

It’s reviews are bipolar (169 5stars, 101 1stars, 17 2,3,4stars as of now). But only 1 of the 1stars commenters are verified purchasers as of April 22 Clearly shows manipulated or at least uninformed reviews and reading them I would agree. (Did find one other “verifed purchaser" since April 22). Many of the 5star reviewers are verified purchasers and most all made substantive comments showing they have at least read the major points in it (it is 700 pages) - read them yourself. Oh and the US media has hardly mentioned it (only the NY Times and The Real News Network mention it objectively - of course Fox News chimes in with a putdown story). But that coverage is over now with no traction offered by the media which has become the guardians of the wealthy/corporations.

The marches are populist movements against the decline of the middle/low class that has been ongoing for 30 years now. The book documents the facts. It’s popularity shows the public is interested as they should be.

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