FBC Spartanburg celebrates 3 pastors in 67 years

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FBC Spartanburg celebrates 3 pastors in 67 years

Postby Stephen Fox » Sun May 27, 2018 11:55 am

Actually the 25th anniversary of Trey Gowdy and Billy Graham's pastor Don Wilton. According to his son Greg who spoke along with his brother and sister, she the only one not a Doctor by now--I take it in homiletics from Liberty if that is not too snarky--says in the last 67 years only three pastors. Don with 25, Allistair Walker for 17 and the previous pastor Im sure is on their website.

No mention of Gowdy in this morning's service, but lot of talk about the connection to Billy Graham including a message from Will Graham at the Cove.

Theme was Just give me Jesus.

Take the politics out of the congregation and Billy Graham working with al Mohler for the fundamentalist takeoover and these are fairly harmless people I guess. They boast of at least one salvation a day in Wilton's25 years including radio and TV professions and their annual outdoor revival initiatives. I guess thats an average.

Its just hard to figure how the Upstate politics suck so with a church this influential and strong. Not many of these people are asking What would Willimon do when they close the curtain to vote, and Wilimon central just three miles or less away at Wofford College. A Great Riddle.
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