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Bringin Hillary Clinton to Thickety Creek Baptist in Gaffney

PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2016 11:15 am
by Stephen Fox ... .html?_r=0

Thickety Creek is just ten miles east of Trey Gowdy and Billy Graham's bastion at FBC Spartanburg on HWY 29.

It is the home church of Marian Wright Edelman's grandfather who was the pastor. Marian Wright, Clinton's lifelong mentor, took her summers at Thickety as a young girl, and in 2010 after I introduced myself to Ms Edelman at the New Baptist Covenant convo at 16th Street Church in Bham, she was the MLK day speaker at Limestone College in Gaffney, about a half mile from my Dad's pastorate from 1962-78.

Conversations have begun.