History of Christian Intellectuals; Marilynne Robinson

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History of Christian Intellectuals; Marilynne Robinson

Postby Stephen Fox » Wed Aug 17, 2016 4:08 pm

This is an exhaustive piece and may cover too much ground in too big of a hurry.

I hope Randall Balmer and Charles Marsh engage this conversation.

My instincts are the writer gives too much credit to John Neuhaus at the expense of examining the "mendacity" of the politics of abortion or the embarassments of Francis Schaefer as revealed by Molly Worthen on the subject.

While Neuhaus may bring more to the table than Schaefer, I think others will find Robinson to carry more water than Father John and his good intentions at First Things.

FTR he failed to mention Robinson often preaches in churches near to her mainstay in Iowa.

Would be great for bill Leonard to do a similar piece on the legacy of Carlyle Marney, then again Fisher Humphreys has covered that territory to some extent.

I'm staying with Marilynne Robinson, Cornel West's reservations noted

https://baptistnews.com/article/the-wat ... llectuals/
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