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The Fellowship at 25

Postby Sandy » Fri Jun 10, 2016 5:32 pm

A couple of interesting articles in Nurturing Faith, May-June 2016 on the CBF and its 25th anniversary. It seems that some of the individuals who continue to be involved, and who are called on to analyze and speculate are quite focused on having the organization develop some kind of unique Baptist identity. Perhaps that's from its origins.

Leonard couldn't resist taking a swipe at the SBC, pointing to its recent decline as something incongruent with the initial claims of conservatives in the SBC, though the SBC's growth increased for years following the resurgence's success in redirecting the convention's course. He, of course, gives an analysis of why he thinks it is happening. I'd have been interested in his analysis of the numerical decline in contributing churches and revenue coming into CBF in recent years, with the giving being down as sharply as it is. They don't publish membership statistics, so it's hard to measure that, but he missed the opportunity to comment.

I see that Aaron Weaver has a book coming out on the subject at the next assembly.
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