Carson Newman in Crosshairs

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Carson Newman in Crosshairs

Postby Stephen Fox » Sat Dec 26, 2015 8:24 pm

Marney's alma mater whose President Randall Obrien clearly identifies with CBF. He is frequently published in Christian Ethics Today and was clearly in progressive trajectory from teaching days at Oauchitau and then Baylor where he befireiended among others, Elizabeth Davis the new President of Furman.

So he knows the water but is in a precarious situation with SBC attorney Jim Guenther giving advice to his school re the gay issue in the culture wars and Title IX.

Stories in Huffington Post, religion dispatches and the Knoxville Sentinel are easily googled and there is even an LGBT Facebook wall for CN grads coming to his defense. Sentinel has an interview with OBrien on the matter.

Would be a calamity of worst proportions if SBC Fundies were able to inveighle themselves into more influence at this school as result of these very murky waters.
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