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Keeping up with CBF friends

Postby Ed Pettibone » Mon Nov 23, 2015 11:44 am

I hastily posted this in the prayer request forum yesterday but realize that some non registered lurkers may have a need to know.

Please pray for Pastor Ken Bogan of the Greater Restoration Baptist Church in Brooklyn NY. Ken is also the Moderator Elect of the Baptist Fellowship of the Northeast. He has had a stroke . Interestingly while he can not Speak, Ronnie Adams of the Metropolitan BC on the edge of Hells Kitchen reports that Ken Did sing for him when he visited the hospital late last week.

Betty, Ken's wife is a former Moderator of BFN.

Pray also for Ken and Sandy Hale as they enter retirement. They They will be returning to Kentucky after 30 years Of ministry in Hanover New Hampshire where Ken has been Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church and Sandy has directed the BSU at Dartmoth University While Coordinators for The Baptist Fellowship of the Northeast.

I attended the send off celebration for Ken and Sandy yesterday afternoon. It turns out that their service in Hanover was 31 years rather than30. I first visited Trinity BC in 2003 for a BFN event and have attended a few more events there, but I was not aware that the building was erected during Ken's ministry. One of the Speakers at yesterdays event was a lady by the name of Donna Cornelius, the first person to have been Baptized in Trinity's baptistry, in 1987. Another was Chuck Gibson who first attended while trinity was meeting on campus at Dartmouth. Chuck has been a faithful layman since that time. Being very much a student centered church with a HIGH membership turnover, the two individual are valued exceptions as is Donnie Brooks, assistant athletics director for Peak Performance at the University and a newer member at Trinity was the moderator for the event.
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Re: Keeping up with CBF friends

Postby Ed Pettibone » Wed Dec 16, 2015 6:54 am

An Update on Pastor Ken Bogan:

Dec 14 (2 days ago)

Dear BFN friends
I wanted to give you an update on our brother Ken Bogan. After suffering a stroke several weeks ago, Ken is now in a rehab facility in Brooklyn. He has some movement on his right side, which was previously paralyzed. Ken is also now able to make some sentences. Please continue to pray for his recovery. You can send him cards:
Ken Bogan
1019 St John Place
Brooklyn NY, 11213

Suzii Paynter <>

7:10 AM (23 hours ago)

Thank you Phyllis. Glad to hear of progress. Prayers abound for Ken and his family. I'm so aware and grateful for you all, his circle of beloved community.

Suzii Paynter
Executive Coordinator
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
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