Bruce takes the grand prize!

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Bruce takes the grand prize!

Postby ET » Fri Mar 13, 2015 8:15 am

OK, maybe I missed this along the way, but is anyone else aware that our esteemed host won the grand prize for some of his photography in the 2014 Capturing Wonderland photography contest? :!:

My hearty congratulations to you, Mr. Gourley! Awesome picture! My youngest is interested in photography and has inherited a digital SLR from her grandmother. I had a Minolta XG-1 in my younger days that I took on a few church choir tours and just used it for basic photography. I never was very good at getting the thing in focus quick enough to get many of the shots I wanted. Guess I'll be telling my daughter, "Well, in MY day we had to manually focus a camera. We didn't have none of that fancy auto-focusie thing...." :D

Like you, I do love landscape photography. I've always had a collection of such pictures that I use for my computer wallpaper. Even got a few of yours in the folder. I've been attached to Yellowstone since I took a Scouting trip out there back in '77. Still have and use the cribbage board I picked up as a souvenir at one of the shops.

Oh, and Bruce, since you have been known to wander Yellowstone quite frequently and state in the associated interview that you've gotten to know various people over the years associated with Yellowstone, I'll just take a shot in the dark here and ask if you happen to be acquainted with the winter caretaker there who has worked in Yellowstone for some 42 years, per the recent CBS Evening News story? That was a really interesting story. It seemed out of time to hear about someone who had literally "stocked up for the winter".
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Re: Bruce takes the grand prize!

Postby Bruce Gourley » Fri Mar 13, 2015 11:56 am

Thanks, ET! I was shocked to win the award, considering how many great entries there were, but very pleased, of course. And, gosh, am I sooooo glad to be living in the age of great digital cameras!!

I don't think I've ever met Steve Fuller, the Canyon winterkeeper, although I imagine I've passed by him a time or two over the years (and what a great story is his life). Some of the other winterkeepers I have known; they tend to move on and upward within the Park Service. One ranger friend could just not get enough of the snow, so he transferred to a park in Alaska! :lol:
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