Stan Arney from Kansas

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Stan Arney from Kansas

Postby Stan Arney » Wed Oct 09, 2013 12:40 pm

My apologies (I thought I had already introduced myself)

My name is Stan Arney, and I live in Wichita, Kansas, I'm Medically Retired (due to MS - Multiple Sclerosis). I have been a member of the Southern Baptist Church, for most of my life. (MS symptoms, unfortunately, include poor short-term & long-term memory, and Cognitive thinking issues).

I write Christian based poetry, which now has surpassed 100 poems.

In March 2013, I was given a "vision/dream" in which Jesus told me, to start doing so much more. He gave me a list of 7 items, that He wanted reiterated to the Church. I have had several more "visions/dreams", since then. Basically, asking me: What am I waiting for? What's the hold-up?

I understood, that He wanted me to do more for the Church, to step up (out of my Comfort Zone), and become the Leader, He wants me to be. So, I have been looking into becoming a Southern Baptist Pastor. I spoke with our local association (Heart of Kansas Southern Baptist Association), about it, and was told they do sponsor an "18 month Internship Program", but it's something your own Pastor, has to recommend you for, which He is reluctant to do, at this time.

I did have some of my poems posted on a Christian Website,, and had several requests, from different places around the World. I don't state this to boast, but to show, how much the need is out there, to share His Gospel, with the World. I have had people tell me, that each poem, could be considered a "sermon", which I didn't write them for that purpose, nor think of them that way myself.

However, since my primary goal,is to become a Southern Baptist Pastor, I will do, whatever I can do, in the meantime, to serve the Lord. Yeah, I know, I will be 52 this year, and have not been a Deacon, let alone a Pastor, and no I didn't go to any Seminary or Bible College. However, it's not required, for me to attend either one (Seminary or Bible College), in order to become a Pastor.

Having said that, I have begun putting together my own Christian based website, to share His Gospel, with Ministries, Bible Studies, my Poetry, and hopefully, so much more.

[I pray, I have not revealed too much here.]
Stan Arney
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Re: Stan Arney from Kansas

Postby Haruo » Wed Oct 09, 2013 1:09 pm

Welcome, Stan, and thanks for the introduction. I was wondering (and probably not alone) who you were and where you came from.

Did your visions specify pastoral leadership, or just leadership? I ask because there are many other ways in which one can lead in the church to the glory of God without ordination as a pastor (or a deacon).
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Re: Stan Arney from Kansas

Postby Stan Arney » Wed Oct 09, 2013 1:44 pm

Now, that's a great question, and one I have been pondering, since March (2013)

In my 1st "vision/dream", I was in an auditorium filled with Christians, and Jesus told me, things to tell them, and 7 items to reiterate to fellow Christians. One of them (but not one of the 7 items) was to tell Believers, that even Murderers could go to Heaven, by Accepting His Free Gift of Salvation, they didn't like that idea a bit. Sin is Sin, whether it be Adultery, Theft, or Murder, they All fit, in His eyes, as Sin. Therefore, if by Accepting His Free Gift of Salvation, All their Sins are Forgiven, then they are, Forgiven.

He knows, I have been writing "poetry sermons" (not my label, but from others), for many years now, accumulating over 100 now.

He knows, that He has planted ideas and understandings, that I have been "bursting at the Biblical seams", to get His Message out, to both Believers & the Lost.

Yes, the ideas He has shared with me, stay within the boundaries of the Southern Baptist Church, but they are both to get Believers to understand their role, but also, to share with the Lost, why it's important for them to Believe, and join Us, as "Children of God".

Now, I can't do any of this, sitting in a pew, listening to my Pastor. I can't do any of this, sitting in a Sunday School classroom, listening to its' Teacher.

Question for you (or anyone else): When was the last time, you walked into an area full of people, and asked them, "Do all of YOU know, if YOU should die today, where YOU would spend Eternity?" or "Do YOU, Children of God, know what your obligation is to God, besides simply Accepting His Free Gift of Salvation?"

God wants Us, to step out of our Comfort Zone, and get at the front lines, speaking both to the Believer and the Lost. Instead of sitting back, and assuming someone else will do it.

So, yes, I do believe Jesus wants me to be a Pastor, but also so much more. Not simply to talk to my own congregation, but to get His Message out, to the entire World, by any means available.

His subsequent "visions/dreams" were basically asking me, Why I haven't gotten started.
After all, I don't want to put Him off, and end up "inside the belly of a whale", if you know what I mean.
Stan Arney
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